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1st September


Fund Raising 2021


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Jess Gillam

patron of The Sylvia Swiffin Trust-

The Sylvia Swiffin Trust, was set up as a tribute to former music teacher, Sylvia Swiffin, who died in 2011.

When she was only 12 years old, Jess performed at the trust’s first ever concert, in Hyde Town Hall.

Sylvia’s husband, John Swiffin, commented: “With her warm and engaging personality, Jess is a fine musician and performs with flair. She has the ability to inspire and encourage the children and young people we work with..

“There are few charitable trusts that have a patron who is performing with top quality orchestras around the world. She gives so much of herself to the world of music "


Jess said: “I am delighted to become a patron for the Sylvia Swiffin Trust. We are living in a time where it is crucial to expose young people to the arts and give them an opportunity to experience music. The Sylvia Swiffin Trust do a fantastic job in providing those opportunities! ”


Please donate what you can to support the trust and our program of work with the children and young people.

Aims of the Trust

The aim of the Trust is to help Children and Young People appreciate and enjoy Music.
We are the partner charitable trust with Tameside Music Service supporting short and long term projects.
We are supporting awards for outstanding Progress and Performance, and awarding an annual prize to the Primary School in Tameside that develops music education achieving a high standardt during the academic year.

We support children of any age and Award prizes and a small Bursary to the Junior Royal Northern College of Music.
What matters is that we try always to fill gaps that will benifit the development of music in individual chldren and support as much as possible the wider belief that music matters. We need the Arts as nuch as we need the Sciences. Music is more important to us all than we think.

Trustee Statement

The Trustees hold as a priority the aims of the trust and as such will not take out of the trust any payment or expenses related to the running of the trust. Further, all expenses which are necessary to run the trust on a day to day basis and all related costs will be supported by the Trustees.
100% of all donations ( apart from card donations merchandiser fees) are passed to the trusts Co-Op Bank Account.

All Online Donations will resume as quickly as possible.

Children deserve the best we can offer. We will always do our best for them.