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Why music?

The work investigating the value of music in education is huge. In essence it says children who take part in music have:

Success in society, it is major help in all school activities, a major stimulator of intelligence and a subject which helps to make life a success. But of course it offers something else too. It offers enjoyment and magic. The thrill of performing and the satisfaction of skill development. Once hooked, it surely affects the soul.
You will be able to read much more supporting these statements when we enlarge the content of the site.

On the evidence we have, it does show that the aims of the Trust are educationally based and very valuable to the children.

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Aims of the Trust

The aim of the Trust is to help Primary Children appreciate and enjoy Music. Exceptions to this may occur in the future where it is agreed to be benificial.
This will be achieved by promoting concerts for children and by supporting visits to schools by musicians who will help children enjoy the best live music we can provide, along with other programmes as we develop them.
We will also provide Instrumental Lessons and Instrument Hire for Children who would benefit from such support.
We will be supporting awards for musical progress at a time when this can be developed.

Trustee Statement

The Trustees hold as a priority the aims of the trust and as such will not take out of the trust any payment or expenses related to the running of the trust. Further, all expenses which are necessary to run the trust on a day to day basis and all related costs will be supported by the Trustees
100% of all donations ( apart from card donations merchandiser fees) are passed to the trusts Co-Op Bank Account.

Children deserve the best we can offer.
The Trust is recognised as a Charity by the by HM Revenue and Customs and can claim Gift Aid on all donations paid from taxed sources.