Please Donate now!


There are 2 ways to donate online. You can either donate a one off payment of your choice or create a monthly subscription.
£3.11 pays for a child at a concert. £5.00 pays for a music lesson and of course anything else is used to support the trust and is 100% spent on the children. We promise you that.

Donation Update

By December 2012 we have raised over £5000. This is an amazing acheivement.
Because we can now claim back Tax on Gift Aid we will be able to add extra to each registered Donator. We have 5 of these at the moment.
But, every penny is used for the children.

There are so many children who need a smile and want to learn instruments. We have some in the system in Tameside, but we will be adding more from Salford during 2013.
We need you to just help a little. The children cannot thank you, but we do.

Donation Update

You could of course opt for your own standing order via your own bank. Our bank details will be sent if you send an email to admin@ followed by thesylviaswiffintrust.co.uk.
Please consider this option. You can cancel when you wish. Again we do not control Standing Orders

One Off Donation

You can donate using any card. You do not need to be a member of PayPal. The card details are not kept by the Trust and are processed securely on the PayPal System. Any donation of a £1+ is welcome. We just hope it makes you smile also.....helping a distant quaver perhaps?

Monthly Subscription

Processing is secure via PayPal. A PayPal Account is useful, and you can set one up easily. We do this because you control any Monthly Payment. You may cancel or change it at anytime. We have no access to Subscription System at all.