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We all want our children to be as good as possible in as many subjects as possible.


So why MUSIC?

Music has hidden benefits.........


It helps Language and Communcation

It is a major force in Social and Emotional Dvelopment

It develops Confidence

It develops very controlled Motor Skills AND
Children learn to Listen to others, to work in groups for each other and to just enjoy the benefits that all these things add to other subjects.

About The Big Christmas Sing

The Big Christmas Sing 2020

We received a call from an 83 year old Lady She said she really enjoyed the program. She said it was a proper Carol Sing a Long. with real children singing and sounding happy. It cheered her up...the children made magic.


That is why music matters.

Wishing you a Safe and Musical 2021 from the Trust

So it was all worth the effort from TMS,The TMB Staff and individuals and of course the School Staff and the Children.

Thank you everybody.


THE BIG CHRISTMAS SING..........has been sung

Tameside Radio.103.6FM .. 3pm .. 13th December
Tameside Music Service, 20 Schools and Carols you know.


Planning for 2021 started last May

More as soon we can confirm